Call for nominations to the Board of Directors of Lambeth Food Partnership

The Lambeth Food Partnership is looking for new members for the body that oversees and steers its work. We are welcoming nominations from anyone who with a passion about food who lives and works in Lambeth.

As an elected board member you will have the opportunity to drive policy and activities that support a vibrant food culture within the borough that focuses on providing healthy and sustainable food to all those who live, work or eat within Lambeth.

About the board

We encourage anyone with a passion for food or local community to stand for election. You do not have to be active within the food sector or community but have a passion about food and the interest to learn more.

As an elected director you will be responsible for voting on how we spend out budgets, where we should focus our work and help decide what can bring the most impact in improving the food system within the borough.

The responsibilities of the board members will include:
– Attending an away day on Saturday 29th October – all day in Lambeth
– Attending a minimum of 4 board meetings a year, these typically last 2 hours on a weekday evening.
– Supporting LFP sub committees by representing the board and reporting back as these develop to support LFP work streams
– Reading papers before each meeting. This can take time and you should expect to commit 1 – 2 hrs to do this.
– Maintaining the vision, mission and values of the organisation.
– Ensuring that the organisation is well run, financially sound and has the correct employment procedures.
– Promoting the organisation more widely and supporting the coordinator and other staff in working to achieve the vision.

Board Structure

The Board consists of elected members and a number of non-voting representatives from partner organisations: two officer representatives from Lambeth council representing health and sustainability, one elected councillor, and a representative from Incredible Edible Lambeth. Only elected Board members are entitled to vote on business matters. Nine spaces are open to anyone living or working in Lambeth. You must be a member of the Lambeth Food Partnership to stand (joining is very simple, go to To be a member, and therefore a Director, you must live or work in Lambeth. We must receive your nomination form by 11th October 5pm. If there are more than 5 people nominated then we will hold an election, all members are entitled to one vote.

Board Roles

We have agreed to focus on the Sustainable Food Cities programme. Lambeth has already achieved the Bronze award and the LFP is aiming for Lambeth to become a Silver Sustainable Food City within the next 3 years, and ultimately a Gold Sustainable Food City.
Currently each of the board members is leading on researching and understaing a particular food issue such as food waste or the local food economy. We are looking for more team members to help with this and would particularly like people from the health sector and the food business sector.
We are also particularly looking for someone with web and communication skills to direct that area of our work.

Becoming a Board Member

We encourage anyone with a passion for helping to develop a healthier and more sustainable food system for Lambeth to stand for election. We will also have the option to co-opt people with skills additional to those represented by the Board should the need arise so if you do not feel you can stand, but have skill you would like to share please do get in touch via

However if you feel that you don’t bring any of these skills but are nevertheless passionately committed to the vision and aims of the Food Partnership don’t let that put you off.

If you want to find out more about what is involved please get in touch with Clara Widdison on 07925 299977 or at