Lambeth Food Flagship

Lambeth has been awarded significant funding as one of two flagship food boroughs within London. The project is being led by the Council with strategic direction from the Lambeth Food Partnership (LFP).

LFP led four collaborative conversations that informed the funding bid. As a result of those conversations we set a high level vision and three high level outcomes for the programme, that linked in with the funder’s (GLA’s) focus on obesity and diabetes, and the School Food Plan.

Our vision is for all Lambeth residents to develop a love of healthy and sustainable food. Everyone will have the knowledge, passion and skills to grow, buy, cook and enjoy food with their family, friends and community. We will build on our famous markets, schools, community gardens and small food businesses to make Lambeth the go-to destination in London for diverse, healthy and exciting food.

Our three outcomes are:

  • A systemic shift towards prevention
  • A community led infrastructure in place that understands and influences the food system
  • A vibrant and prosperous food culture that promotes health and wellbeing


Flagship Food Borough Action Plan

Our proposal is to:

  1. Create a Food Flagship Team. This will consist of a senior manager to join up work across the borough – linking public health agendas with those of financial resilience and community, for example, and two officers – one focused on food in schools, and the other working with the community and businesses.
  2. Deliver a Healthy Schools programme
  3. Engage headteachers on the School Food Plan and facilitate the development of resources and skills
  4. Create three or four school food flagships – that have good links with the community, including the Incredible Edible Lambeth Growing Hubs in Myatts Fields Park, Brockwell Park and Streatham Common, the GP Food Coop project and Lambeth’s Living Edible Living project.
  5. Expand the Natural Thinkers programme – a forest school programme that is already operating in around 20 Lambeth schools
  6. Coproduce a healthy eating social marketing campaign with young people
  7. Run a voucher scheme that makes fruit and vegetables cheaper for people on low incomes.
  8. Further support the LFP CREATE Start Your Own Food Business programme and the development of the local food economy
  9. Develop FoodChain – a project that links businesses with surplus food with community projects that can use the food
  10. Develop a pilot ‘holiday hunger’ project

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