Outcome F: Grow More Food

“Increased access to land for growing and other food related activities for residents and community groups.”

What we are trying to do

To support local food growing and those involved and to work with the relevant authorities and organisations to increase land available for growing.

Why we are trying to do it

Growing our own food has many benefits, ranging from personal, social, health, community, economical and environmental. Increased growing in cities helps to improve the air quality, reduce the risk of flooding from surface run-off, reduce the environmental impact of food production and improve the sustainability of large numbers of people living in cities.
By participating in growing projects, the employability of individuals is improved and the interaction with their community increased.
Lambeth residents could grow 5% of the food consumed within the borough by using 12% of the borough’s green spaces. Even more could be grown using other spaces such as rooftops, vertical growing, land waiting to be built on and disused buildings. It is estimated that Lambeth could even grow 30% of its own fruit and vegetables.
Lambeth Poly is a project that has set up a poly tunnel on an estate and has involved the local community in growing vegetables, providing many with training. The project has benefitted from the local food growing economy, individual skill sets, the environment and the community. They produced a significant yield and sold them on through other local projects.

What you can do

  • Join or Start a community garden community garden
  • Incredible Edible Lambeth to meet other growers and exchange tips on growing
  • No garden? Get tips on growing on a balcony or in a small spaces
  • Landshare can help you find a space to grow or share the land you have with a grower
  • Learn more about Lambeth Food Partnership’s support food growing in Schools
  • Learn more about how Lambeth Council works work with the LFP to support food growing